Capitalise on the highest point of the Crash game at Winz

Winz online casino offers plenty of game options you can enjoy and benefit from. But the top-tier recommendation has always been the crash game, one of the simplest yet most enjoyable games in online gambling

Learn more about the game and how it could be your flagship game while you are exploring the Winz platform. Capitalise on your shot at being the best crash player and win amazing payouts when you cash out on time. Try it out for yourself while you are here at Winz.

Popular Crash crypto games


Winz gives you plenty of options for playing the best Crash games on the market.


While on the Winz platform, you can find some fantastic Crash titles that could elevate your experience to the highest level. It is quite a diverse catalogue filled with amazing Crash game options, which you can see as a top recommendation with proper RNG gameplay.

The game has simple mechanics: Pull out your bet before it crashes. Crash’s gameplay involves timely cash outs to enjoy the amazing rewards. 

Here are the most popular games you can check out at the Winz Crash casino:

Aviator by Spribe


One of the most popular Crash games in the market, Aviator is a perfect representation of the genre because of its simple yet immersive gameplay. The design has a simple grey background, but the plane and coefficient that goes up are the signature red colour, making it distinct from the game. 

The user interface gives you everything you need, as you can make your bet on the bottom part of your screen. That changes when you input your bet and when it’s time to pull it out before it crashes. Spribe’s Aviator is a good starting Crash game, as it has been a proven hit for a long time since its release in 2018.

The game's RTP is 97%, which is already high. It is a good number compared to other games, like slots, which have high RTP but rarely exceed 97. You have no set payouts here, but many players have won tons of rewards like 200x, which could be tough and rare.

Pilot by Gamzix


Feel like you are in the cockpit with Gamzix’s Pilot. It might look similar to the previous game, but it’s different. The UI differs from the Aviator, but the general sense of the game remains the same, as Crash works out that way.

The highest potential payout for this game is 5,000x your stake. Do your best to try and win that reward by cashing out on time. However, it could be nail-biting due to the potential payouts you might miss if you fail. Keep playing Gamzix’s Pilot and have the best gaming experiences you could have in a Winz Crash game.

JetX by Smartsoft


Arguably the most immersive game on the list, JetX makes you feel you’re in a multiplayer lobby due to its aesthetic. The game plays like a standard crash game but separates itself with its unique design from the jet. When players pull their bet, small people parachute out of the jet to save themselves.

Because of those small details, the game feels unique and fun. In terms of the visual aspect, you won’t expect a Crash game like this, as the design features a backdrop of pink and purple skies instead of the usual plain black. 

This crash crypto game has an RTP of 97% and offers a high jackpot ceiling. Try it yourself and enjoy the payouts you can only get at JetX from Smartsoft.


How to play Crash game at Winz? A step-by-step guide

There are good Crash games on the Winz platform. If you want to try them out, you should learn more about how to play them.


Crash is one of the most recommended casino games you can play on the market. While the Crash game seems easy, you should still learn how to play it to ensure smooth and rewarding gameplay.

Here’s how you can play the Crash game:

When you’re in the game, you must make a bet, typically found at the bottom of the screen. By making that bet, you are wagering with the hopes of betting good multipliers to boost your reward to the moon.
Once the multiplier starts rising, you must pull out your bet in time to get the full reward for the payout with your bet and the multiplier.
Cash-out the rewards you earned from the game.
If you want to play again, just repeat the process.

Betting strategies for Crash at Winz Casino


While Crash is a simple game, you can still employ some strategies that could help you elevate yourself to the next level.

Crash is one of the simplest games you can experience in a Crash casino like Winz, but you can improve that by having some strategies in mind while playing. Of course, the game is based on RNG, but you can be strategic with your approach. 

The first aspect of this is the wagering strategies, involving the kind of wagers you can place:

The top wager strategies

Playing Crash is fun, but it gets better when you have some strategies to have an effective time. Here are the best strategies to take you to the next level:

Here are some betting strategies you must look into with the amount you’re wagering:


Every time you lose at Crash betting, you can recover those losses through the Martingale strategy. Here, you must double down whenever you lose to get what you lost back and win a reward simultaneously! 

Of course, you must consider your risk, so be prepared with the best bankroll you can have for a Crash game casino.


Think of this as a tamer version of Martingale. You increase the bet by at least one unit after a loss and then decrease the amount after you win. You could bet €2 on the first wager, which turns into a €3 bet in the second bet after losing the initial wager.

When you win, you could default back to a €2 wager, so keep following that pattern to have fun with the D’Alembert strategy.


Think of Martingale, but for winning the games. You get that with Paroli, where you double down with every win. It is quite risky, but you must maximise your wagers to win the biggest rewards possible at Crash. 

You must have a big budget for this, as taking the hit could lead to significant losses. However, that is the name of the game in gambling: you must take risks to reach a higher level.

Fibonacci sequence

You are placing a bet according to the sequence set by the legendary Fibonacci. This is used every time you lose; you must multiply the bet with the number in the sequence.

Here is the sequence you must follow: 

  • 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, etc. Add the previous two numbers to your gameplay if you want to go further.

Bankroll management

Playing Crash is fun, but you must control your budget for this. You could have a huge budget, but sometimes, you might play on a tight one. To do this, you should control your usage of funds by implementing bankroll management.

Start your gameplay sessions with low-value bets as you are still getting acclimated. However, when you feel more confident and comfortable, that is the time to pull out the big guns and place bigger bets.

Establish a cash-out point

When playing Crash, the same scenario happens most of the time, with the number increasing from 0. To become a player with set standards, you should try establishing a point where you must cash out. Set a number like 1.5x, which can be your cash-out goal.

You must stick to your guns here, meaning you must bite some of the crashes you suffer that don’t reach the cash-out point. Since the crash is a surprise, you can’t predict when it will happen, so you have to be prepared.

Diversify your bets

Opposite of that, you could also diversify your bets, as you won’t need to follow a pattern for your cashouts. However, this could be risky, as you are just playing it with your gut feeling, which could lead to some losses, but it is worth it if you win.

Bonuses for Crash game players at Winz

Get the best incentives for your Crash gameplay at Winz to elevate your time on the platform and rewards.


Playing your Crash online casino game at Winz could improve your experience by using the best bonuses available. See what kind of casino promotions can be claimed when you play Crash here at Winz:

WOW bonus code

Use the casino bonus code ‘WOW’ for your first deposit to get a Wheel of Winz. Spin that to win a reward worth €5,0000 or 200 mBTC. You can get one spin out of Gold, Silver, or Bronze spin.

Win up to €13,843.50

Spin the Wheel of Winz thrice weekly, which you can use to test your luck and win some incentives. Those perks could reach up to €13,843.50. Enjoy your Crash gameplay with this huge reward.

Daily cashback offers

By playing your Crash games at Winz, you can use the bonus code ‘LIVE’ to get a cashback. That means you can get 10% insurance for the first 14 days at Winz, where you get back a cut of the money you lost.

Winz Club

The staple of Winz Casino is the VIP program called the Winz Club. This tiered program gives you high betting limits for your Crash gameplay, dedicated managers to help you with inquiries, quicker withdrawal times, and more. These bonuses help you improve your Crash gameplay like the Cashback from the previous section. 

Cashback is probably at its best with the Winz Club, as that gets calculated based on your net loss and VIP level. It has a cap of 30% of the deposit total, but it is still quite useful if you redeem it in two weeks.

WinzUp program

Become part of the WinzUp program to elevate your gameplay on the Winz platform. By progressing here, you can earn a 35% cut of the rewards, giving you more perks for your Crash gameplay.


Play Crash at Winz


Become more successful as a Crash player by establishing yourself at Winz. Level up your gameplay and become the best casino player possible.

Crash is an easy game, but you must go through some steps that will give you the full experience with your Winz online account. Check these directions out to help you get started on your Crash gaming journey at Winz:

1. Register


Click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the top-right corner of the Winz platform. Provide your details, such as your email address, username, and password. Input the optional bonus code, which will reward you for your gameplay.

Ensure you tick the box for the terms and conditions and Winz privacy policy to complete the process.

2. Deposit funds into your Winz account

Click on ‘Deposit’ in the top-right corner of the screen. You can then find the best payment method option at Winz. Finalise the process by inputting the amount you want to deposit into your account to start playing the best crypto Crash game.


Transfer the funds into your account to help you place your bets on the Crash casino game. That is where you can finally find the best Crash games you can play on the platform.

3. Play online Crash game at Winz


To start playing casino Crash, you have two options. You can click the ‘Crash games’ button in the main menu alongside Roulette and Blackjack. The other one is to use the search bar to look for Crash and find the best games at Winz. You must click the ‘Play’ button on the right-hand side to start the crypto Crash game experience.

4. Withdrawals


After you have played the games, you just want to cash out with your Bitcoin Crash game winnings. To do that, you must follow these steps:

Click the number in the top-right corner of the screen alongside the ‘Deposit’ button.
Click the ‘Cash Out’ button, taking you to a new withdrawal page.
There, you can follow the necessary steps to help you withdraw your earnings.

Play Crash games at Winz Casino

Elevate your gameplay in the Crash games at Winz. You must take the risk of going up with the Crash games and go for the win. Enjoy your time here at Winz with some of the best bonuses and promotions that make the experience even better, adding more stakes to the online casino Crash game you want to play. 

Start gambling at Winz and explore the possibilities of winning in a casino Crash game. Place big bets for your Crash gameplay and enjoy many amazing rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A casino crash game is a popular online gambling game in which you bet on a rising multiplier. You must cash out before the multiplier crashes, or you will miss out on the rewards.

The crypto crash games are the same, with a different payment method.

It is a subjective question, but most people would agree that Aviator is the most popular game in the Crash genre.

You must cash out before the coefficient crashes and leaves you without anything.

You must go to an online casino like Winz and play Crash by depositing and wagering funds.

You must cash out in time to win the rewards from this game.

To play the crash crypto game, you must have a deposit into your Winz account of cryptocurrencies. Wager those crypto into your game and enjoy the gameplay!

It is generally accepted as one of the easiest casino games to play. Try it out for yourself to learn how the gameplay works.

Yes, you can play with fiat, but it’s better to use crypto since it’s faster and more secure.