Test your luck at Winz online lottery


It’s no secret that lottery games are popular among gamblers worldwide. The excitement of drawing a single ticket and the chance to win huge prizes is unlike any other gambling activity.

That’s why Winz online casino has exciting lotto games for you. Seek the thrill of betting on winning numbers when you play our rewarding Winz Lottery games.


Discover what makes our lottery games so special, how to participate, and what you need to do to win. Learn more about it here at Winz Casino!

What are lottery games at Winz?

Lottery games offered at Winz online casinos can have varying mechanics and unique features to offer fresh gameplay to their punters. That’s exactly the case here at Winz Casino. Discover how lottery games are played at Winz and what sets it apart from other lottery games:

The basics of a lottery at Winz

Lotteries are gambling activities where you join by purchasing tickets and picking from a set of lottery numbers. You select the numbers you think will be drawn as the winning numbers.

A key part of these games is that winning numbers are picked at random, meaning any participant can win. Electronic systems with randomisation algorithms are used to generate the winning numbers when playing at online casinos. 

In general, the Winz lottery operates similarly, with a few key differences.


Players on the platform start by looking for the lottery they’re interested in, buying a ticket for that game and hoping they get a prize.

That’s all there is to it! However, the difference is how you can purchase these tickets on the platform.


What makes our lottery games different

Winz lotteries aren’t like your typical lottery games, as they’re only available within the Winz platform and aren’t affiliated with other competitions. 

Furthermore, only registered and active Winz players get to join as tickets are bought through Comp Points or ‘CP’. These can be earned by playing select games offered at the casino. 

Requirements and participation rules for these games can change, but typically, you’ll need to play from a range of slots, table games and game shows to get CP. Each game listed also has varying point contributions determining how much CP you earn.

Once you participate in the Winz lottery, you can receive your rewards quickly upon winning. However, note that winnings are distributed once the lottery period ends.


Learning about lottery odds

Lottery odds are the probability that a particular result will be drawn in a lottery draw. Your likelihood of winning is determined by the ratio of favourable results (matching the winning numbers) to all potential outcomes.

Each lottery ticket has an equal chance of winning. This means purchasing a single lotto ticket gives you one chance in thousands or millions. That’s why it’s recommended that players get as many tickets as they can. Having various cards with different number selections improves your chances of winning.

However, remember that the lottery is a game based on luck. Ultimately, getting more tickets doesn’t guarantee winning, as it only increases the probability of claiming the jackpot.

Types of Lottery games at Winz

With a clearer understanding of what lotteries are, let’s now look at the types of lottery games you can find at Winz Casino! Learn all about it in this section.

1.5K USD Lotto


The 1.5k USD Lotto at Winz is a recurring lotto game where players stand to win prizes from a total prize pool of US$1,500. Participating in this lottery requires buying a ticket for 50 CP, where 1 CP equals US$1, and can be earned through playing games.


Wow! This means that you get CP from simply gambling on the site.

That’s right! Once you have enough CP, you can use it to buy a lottery ticket!


You can even get unlimited tickets for this lottery to boost your chances of winning. Tickets cannot be changed back to CP once you’ve bought them, so think hard before buying one.

Browse through the games and their corresponding point contributions below:

Game Point contribution
Slots 100%
Game shows (excluding Cash or Crash) 100%
Roulette 20%
Baccarat 10%
Poker 10%
Blackjack 5%
Other games and sports betting 0%

As a frequent slot player, this motivates me to play more slot games! Especially since 100% point contributions can mean more CP.

Winter Weekend


Winter Weekend is a generous lotto game where up to 500 Free Spins are rewarded to the lucky winner. You can claim these rewards immediately upon winning since this game has zero wagering requirements. All you have to do is add funds to your account and purchase a ticket to join!

Up to 224 winners will be chosen when the lottery raffle window ends. The player in the first place gets 500 FS, while the last players get 20 Free Spins.

Online lottery jackpots to expect from Winz.io

Jackpots are the biggest possible prizes that can be received from any game or activity. When playing at a lottery online casino, this will often come in the form of cash prizes, big bonuses and other enticing rewards. 

To truly make you feel like a winner, Winz.io doesn’t shy away from giving out prizes, no matter how much you wagered. For this reason, both the 1.5K USD Lotto and the Winter Weekend games have big jackpots for you to win.

In the case of the 1.5K USD Lotto, here are the prizes available and how many winners can obtain those rewards:

Rank Prize
1 ticket US$150
1 ticket US$125
1 ticket US$110
1 ticket US$100
1 ticket US$90
1 ticket US$80
1 ticket US$70
1 ticket US$60
1 ticket US$50
1 ticket US$40
10 tickets US$30
10 tickets US$30
5 tickets US$15
5 tickets US$10

Wow. So does this mean the lucky 40 players can win anywhere from US$10 to US$150? That’s cool.

Isn’t it? You could get a chance to win any of these prizes by playing games on the site and buying tickets!


Read the table below for the list of rankings and corresponding prizes available for the Winter Weekend lottery:

Rank Free Spin reward
1 500 Free Spins
2 to 4 300 Free Spins
5 to 14 100 Free Spins
15 to 44 50 Free Spins
45 to 224 20 Free Spins

Winning strategies for online lottery

Many assume that getting a jackpot, much less a prize, is impossible. However, different strategies can elevate your gambling experience and take home big wins. 

Here are some pointers you should be aware of if you're determined to win the lotto: 

1. Create a strict betting budget

Keeping your funds healthy is one of the most crucial parts of being a regular bettor. Maintaining a solid bankroll enables you to gamble longer and encourages you to make more thoughtful choices, particularly when playing the lotto. 

When you concentrate on gaining CP and purchasing lottery tickets at Winz, it's easy to get carried away. There are better other ways to win large on the website, including playing various live dealer and crash games


Overall, creating a budget stops you from overspending and helps you pace yourself with betting.

This is especially important for those who are bankroll-conscious or trying to develop gambling discipline!


2. Get as many tickets as you can

We've established how every ticket has a fair shot of winning. However, we must emphasise that getting more tickets increases your chances of being picked as a winner. Your likelihood of winning increases with the number of tickets purchased, as each ticket is a single entry. 

For example, buying 50 tickets for a lotto game means you have 50 chances to win. This gives you better odds of winning than purchasing just a single ticket.

Using this tactic increases your chances but does not ensure success. It's important to weigh the rewards with the expense, so be strategic when deciding how many tickets you should buy.

Ultimately, you can use this strategy if the rewards are worth the investment and time you're willing to put in.

3. Find out your lottery options

Lotteries centre around luck and many of its aspects cannot be controlled. However, participants still have a say in certain things, such as which lottery game to join.

For example, lotteries that offer bigger grand prizes are the most enticing games to join. However, if the game allows other players from different platforms to join, more participants are bound to be. That means the rewards are likely to be split among many winners.

On the other hand, platform-sponsored lotteries like the one at Winz only allow registered players to participate in the game. As a result, you'll have fewer competitors for a more modest and platform-centered prize.

4. Stay consistent to learn more about the system

Consistently joining the lottery games allows you to understand the playing system better. This includes a better knowledge of how to get tickets, when the best time to play is, and how to manage your risk. This is especially true for lottery systems, like those in Winz, that revolve around your betting activity on the platform. 

By opting in for these lotteries steadily, you get a better gist of which games you need to play and when the best time to join is, depending on your gambling style. 

For example, you may prefer playing slot games because they’re easy and earn 100% point contributions, but they’re harder to win because they’re random. Knowing this, you can switch to playing games like blackjack and poker with a balance of luck and strategy. These games have a lower point contribution, but you can use your skill to improve your chances of earning big payouts.

5. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly

The terms and conditions for joining any lottery are stated on the game page itself. Read them thoroughly so you understand exactly what you’re getting into. This may sound obvious, but many gamblers overlook these rules and end up disappointed when they miss an opportunity.

To avoid this, reviewing the key details of a lottery game and how you can use it to your advantage is important. You can play accordingly and maximise any bonus, promotions or opportunity available when you clearly understand the game's terms and conditions.


How to buy lottery tickets at Winz

Take advantage of your newfound knowledge of playing lotteries and use them to earn big jackpots at Winz. Discover how to join in on all the fun, from creating an account to getting tickets!

Step-by-step instructions for joining a lottery game at Winz


1. To join the lottery, you must first register and validate your account. On Winz, choose the "sign up" button in the upper right corner to begin the process.

2. Enter the necessary information, such as your phone number, email address, and password.

3. Click the check box to confirm that you understand the terms and conditions after reading them.

4. After you click the register button, you will receive a verification code in your email account. As soon as you receive the code, enter it into the website.


5. You can now fund your account at this point. Find the "deposit" button and enter the desired amount. Input the relevant code during your deposit to claim the bonus you want.


6. Copy the cryptocurrency address to deposit into your account and continue the transaction. You can also scan the QR code supplied for quicker transactions. 

7. Once the transfer is finalised, your funds will be reflected in your account within a few minutes. If they don’t appear, contact us through our support channel.

8. You can now play all the relevant games that can help you earn CP. Play consistently to earn the points necessary to buy a lottery ticket.

9. Once you have enough CP, visit the lottery page and select your preferred game. To play the lottery, start purchasing tickets with your CP.

10. Wait for the lottery period to end and for the winning lottery tickets to be drawn.


Try your luck and get big prizes at Winz.io lottery!

We offer an exciting online lottery experience where any gambler can become a lucky winner of a lottery jackpot.

To play the lottery at Winz.io, we encourage you to wager on different games and use various strategies to earn CP. With enough CP, you can participate in your choice of lottery games and win the jackpot. 

Create an account, deposit funds, and try your hand at Winz lottery for a chance to win cash rewards and Free Spins today at Winz lottery!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Winning the lottery purely depends on chance because of the equal odds each ticket provides. With that said, one way to increase the probability of getting picked and winning is to purchase as many tickets as possible.

You must be at least 18 years old to join Winz’s lotteries and participate in the various casino activities on the platform.

To join, you must first create an account and get it verified. Then you must play various casino games to earn CPs and use that to buy tickets.

Winz lottery tickets cannot be returned to CP once bought.

Winners for the Winz lottery are decided after the ongoing round officially ends. You can expect your prizes to be given within a day after the lottery concludes.

The odds of winning in a Winz lottery depend on the lotto you’re playing. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning, get as many tickets as you can.