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What is casino bonus?

Online casino bonus serve as incetives that many casinos like online casino provide. Its purpose is to entice new players to register and to keep old players active on the platform. Popular examples of online casino bonus include welcome bonuses, rakebacks, cashbacks, loyalty points, online casino bonus without deposit, referral bonuses and more.


These incentives and their variations are intended to enhance the players' gaming experiences.

It provides them advantages beyond their original deposits, encouraging them to interact and keep playing on the site.


Reputable online casinos like offer various bonuses so that all types of bettors can enjoy games that appeal to them without risking their funds. Each benefit has its terms and conditions, making it essential to read and review them thoroughly before opting in.

low-winz-cta-en Casino bonus: Take advantage of risk-free rewards!

Now that you know more about these Winz casino bonus and why they’re so sought after, let’s look at the bonuses Winz offers! Welcome bonus

One of the most popular casino incentives is the welcome bonus. This bonus is usually given to new players after making an initial deposit. Remember that this type of reward commonly has a minimum deposit requirement.

Here at Winz online casino, we offer three types of welcome bonuses that newcomers can choose from: the Welcome WOW Bonus, Live Casino Bonus and Sports Bonuses.

Welcome WOW Bonus


The Welcome WOW bonus features a prize-filled wheel you can spin upon depositing a certain amount. Use the code WOW on your first deposit for a chance to spin the wheel and win prizes. 

There are 3 spin options available depending on how much you deposit:

  • Bronze spin - €20 deposit with a maximum win of €1,0000
  • Silver spin - €50 deposit with a maximum win of €2,000
  • Golden spin -  €100 deposit with a maximum win of €5,000.

Welcome Live Casino Bonus


Winz’s Welcome Live Casino Bonus is another appealing deposit bonus many of our punters enjoy. You can claim it when you deposit a certain amount into your account within a limited time frame. Use the promotion code  ‘LIVE’ to opt-in and claim up to 10% cashback. Place a minimum amount of €20 during your first three deposits and claim this reward for 14 days. 

Welcome Sports Bonus


Last but not least is the Welcome Sports Bonus, where two bonuses are in store for our sports bettors. 

You can get up to €500 worth of your bankroll of Free Bets with your deposit. Simply use the bonus code ‘SPORTS’, and 100% of your deposit amount will be added to your sports betting bankroll. 

The amount you deposit will correspond to how much risk-free bets you can earn. Check the options below to learn more:

  • Deposit at least €20 for a €5 risk-free bet
  • Deposit at least €50 for a €10 risk-free bet
  • Deposit at least €100 for a €20 risk-free bet.

It’s amazing that is willing to offer three types of welcome casino bonus to new players.

It shows you that Winz online casino values the experience of new punters on the platform.


Wheel of Winz


Cash prizes and Free Spins are up for grabs when participating in the Wheel of Winz bonus. This bonus has three tiers: bronze, silver and gold. Deposit the qualifying amount for your desired tier to spin the wheel and earn rewards like 800 Free Spins.

Read below for more details regarding the prizes in store for each level:

  • Bronze spin - €50 deposit with a maximum win of €1,000
  • Silver spin - €100 deposit with a maximum win of €2,000
  • Golden spin - €200 deposit with a maximum win of 0.2 BTC.

WinzUp Loyalty membership

winz-casino-bonus casino players can expect more benefits after reaching specific milestones on the platform. This is possible through our loyalty program, the WinzUp Program.

This rewarding program has 5 tiers: bronze, silver, gold and diamond. There are various ways for you to advance to each tier. Stay active on the site, play all your favourite games and make frequent deposits to raise your WinzUp level. Doing so brings you one step closer to unlocking tiered bonuses like daily rakebacks, weekly cashback and level-up rakebacks.

Daily Rakeback 

Daily rakeback is a great reward in this program, where you can receive a percentage of your bets. A perk of this bonus is earning additional funds to continue betting on the platform. Additionally, the bigger the bets you place daily, the better the rakeback amount you get. 

Don’t miss out on this reward and climb the ranks to take advantage of the higher daily rakeback percentages. Check the table below for more details on the prizes you can expect per tier:

Level Daily Rakeback Percentage
Bronze 5%
Silver 5%
Gold 6% to 9%
Diamond 10%

Weekly Cashback 

A Weekly cashback bonus returns a percentage of a player's losses in various forms like cash or casino credits. The benefit of these, and what makes them popular, is their ability to reduce the impact of losses, extending gaming sessions.

Overall, this helps make gambling online more affordable and helps you enjoy it for longer.

Level Weekly Cashback Percentage
Bronze 1% to 4%
Silver  6% to 9%
Gold 10%
Diamond 11% to 15%
11% to 15% cashbacks are pretty big, especially when you look at the grander scale of things.

Level Up Rakeback 

The Level Up Rakeback program at Winz works similarly to the daily rakeback. However, it works every time you level up and not daily. As a result, each level that you climb gives you rewards that help symbolise your loyalty and progress with the site.

Level Level Up Rakeback Percentage
Bronze 1%
Silver  1%
Gold 1%
Diamond 1%

Winz VIP and High Roller Bonus


Winz also provides the best perks to the platform’s most active players, which is why the Winz VIP Club was made. To become a member of this exclusive club, you’ll need to deposit at least €2,500 while using the VIP code during the transaction. This will then give you a prize of 20% unlimited cashback throughout the next two Mondays. 

Alternatively, you could also become a VIP member by reaching out to the VIP managers through their email. Let them know about your interest in joining the club, and they will guide you in the process.

After becoming a member, you get to experience luxurious VIP bonuses such as:

  • Higher bet limits on various games around the platform
  • Faster cashouts 
  • More rakebacks and cashback bonuses
  • Bonuses without wagering requirements
  • Specialised bonuses and promotions.
  • A dedicated customer service experience that puts you first.

All these big rewards are given to ensure that our high rollers get the best gambling experience.


Benefits of using Casino Bonuses 

With a better understanding of the bonuses at Winz, let’s now look at the biggest advantage of gambling with them. Learn about benefits like lengthening your time while gambling, minimising risk, and trying other games.

Lengthening your gambling sessions

A lack of funds can shorten your gambling sessions. Fortunately, with bonuses like Free Spins and extra credits, you can look forward to playing for longer. By using bonuses that give you Free Spins, free ships and more, you have a chance to win the jackpot. 

Engaging in risk-free gambling 

Bonuses like cashbacks and Free Spins can help minimise the risk of losing your betting funds. Playing these games for free or with a guarantee that you’d get some of your wagers serves as a buffer for losses, preserving the health of your bankroll. 

For example, cases wherein you’ve lost a bet in games of chance like roulette or baccarat. Having active cashback promotions will reduce your overall losses, possibly lengthening your gambling session for your upswing. 

Remember that these incentives not only heighten the excitement that comes with possible winnings but also promote a long-lasting gaming experience. In the past, there have been instances where gamblers won big profits from Free Spin bonuses.


This means that you can experience the same thrill of winning without risking your funds when you activate our active promotions.

That’s pretty handy, especially for gamblers who are more conscious of their budgets!


Giving you the chance to try other games

Perks like bonus credits and Free Spins for certain table games or slot machines are just two examples of the most popular online casino bonuses. These can incentivise you to try out games you wouldn’t have considered playing otherwise. 

Ultimately, these bonuses allow you to try new games that go unnoticed. Trying out these incentives can be your gateway to expanding your gaming horizons and making you a better punter.


Online casino bonus tips to use

Learning how to use bonuses is one thing, but how do you make the most out of it? Learn how to maximise them with some pieces of advice from this section!

Review the terms and conditions before accepting

We’ve established that bonuses hold the power to elevate your gambling experience in a variety of ways. However, we also have to remember that they come with set restrictions. 

There are terms and conditions attached to every offer available on the gaming site. The minimum deposit amounts, sign-up deadlines, validity dates, games included, and the maximum reward limit are just a few examples of this. All of these guidelines may seem strict but they’re there to prevent bonus misuse and ensure that all players on the platform use them fairly.

Having said all of this, we highly recommend that you carefully read and review the terms and conditions of any bonus you’re interested in. Doing so can help you set your expectations and avoid disappointment.

Find bonuses that align with your gambling goals

It's important to understand your playing style and if you're inclined to take calculated chances or to increase your earnings. Understanding this aids in selecting the appropriate bonuses to employ and how to use them.


Think of a gambler who does it for the excitement of the game and the chance to win large earnings.

This player can choose to employ a reward multiplier for greater possible payouts in place of cashback promotions.


Alternatively, players mindful of their betting funds are more likely to opt in on promotions like cshbacks, rakebacks, and more. These promotions appeal to risk-averse punters as they offer a safety net for your betting funds.

Frequently check for new bonuses

To keep things fresh and exciting, Winz is no stranger to adding new promotions and bonuses to the site. Updates for any ongoing events are added to the page’s promotions page, making it an ideal place to check for any newly launched promos.

With that said, don’t miss out on any promotion by frequently checking for new bonuses. Additionally, all the terms and conditions for these bonuses are laid out so that they’re easy to check. This allows you to easily check if the promotion suits you or not.

Use your bonuses strategically

It’s wise to time the use of your bonuses when applicable. You can use them strategically to claim wins with lower risks. Being strategic also allows you to claim additional funds to wager with.

For example, consider depositing when big offers such as the Wheel of Winz are given. Doing that ensures you can get the highest reward tier on the promo, giving you extra funds to spend and make big bets.


How to Use Casino Bonuses at Winz 

Getting online casino bonuses can be done through a variety of methods, but here’s a step-by-step example of how it's done at Winz!


1. You’ll first need to register and verify your account to claim bonuses. Click the "sign up" button in the upper right corner of Winz to access the sign-up form.

2. Enter the required details when creating a basic account, such as an email address, phone number, and password.

3. After reading the terms and conditions, click the box to indicate that you understand them.

4. A verification code will shortly be sent to your email address. Enter the code into the website as soon as you get it.

5. Now that you have a registered account, browse through the available promos within Winz. It’s best to look at the bonuses for new punters before placing a deposit so that you have a set amount to deposit in mind.

6. Carefully look through the terms and conditions of each promotion and ensure you understand them.


7. Once you’ve found a bonus you want to use and know how much you need to deposit, locate the "deposit" button and input the amount you want. You should also input the applicable bonus code to ensure it’s applied.


8. Continue with the transaction process by copying the provided address of the crypto you chose to deposit into your account. Alternatively, a QR code is provided so that you can quickly scan it. 

9. Wait for your funds to reflect in your account.

10. You’re all set to use bonuses, play to your heart’s content and earn big!


Use your bonuses and get huge payouts at Winz!

Casino bonuses can have a big impact on your gambling session from the moment you deposit funds into your account to how your rewards are.

Remember that you have the last say on whether to take advantage of a casino offer if you feel it would help you achieve gaming goals like bigger profits or a fresh experience. Additionally, there’s a casino bonus that’s just right for you at Winz Casino, regardless of your gambling style.

Use our tips, gamble big and grab the casino bonus you like here at Winz to make the most out of your bets today even in lottery!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With all sorts of available perks, the best casino bonuses have to be those that minimise your risk or earn you bigger potential payouts. You can find benefits like these when you play at online casino!

It will depend on the terms and conditions of the bonus. However, this type of casino no deposit bonus typically allows you to earn real money.

Casino bonus can mainly be found on a casino’s promotion page. Otherwise, they can be found at popular casino forums, casino review sites, or social media pages.

The most common forms of casino bonuses consist of welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, referral bonuses, bonuses without deposit, Free Spins, deposit bonuses and VIP bonuses.

We don’t have betting limits when you use our bonuses and promotions. However, we have deposit limits depending on your preferred bonus.

An online casino bonus is a gift or extra value offered to any player for registering on the site. It can be a welcome bonus, free spin, cashback or free bets.

The no deposit bonus is a type of bonus you can claim without depositing funds. However, this type of bonus isn’t offered at Winz Casino.